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Not from the area, found this place on yelp.  Was in town to get married.  They did a FABULOUS job with their spray tan.  I'd recommend for sure.  Looked great, not orange.  Very happy with the results.  Thanks ladies.

Shelby W 5 stars Yelp review

I love this place.  I travel all the time and recommend this place to all of my clients before they go on their vacations to get their tans.  It is a very professionally run tanning salon.  The beds are very comfortable and I walked out with a good looking tan each and every time.  I highly recommend Planet Beach Spa.

Dianne T 5 stars Yelp review

This place is awesome!!! I love the hydra bed and the light sauna. The tanning beds are wonderful as well.  I have a nice wonderful golden glow. Sally is the sweetest. She made sure that I understood everything about their products and the equipment. I love the prices for the packages too. I wish I would have come in here sooner!

Laura Lu M 5 stars Yep review

I absolutely love planet beach! The staff is so friendly and always so helpful.  They have great lotions to choose from.  But most importantly they are super clean! They also always have good deals. Like $15 spray tans on mondays :) love it here and I will never t an anywhere else again!

Kali G 5 stars Yelp review

I have been a longtime customer of Planet Beach- at least 7 years now.   I regularly use the Mystic Tan and I've also done multiple spa treatments over the years.  Sally and the staff at Planet Beach have always been friendly, accommodating and very helpful which is why I remain a local customer. 

PS Another bonus: this is a very clean and well-kept  tanning salon/spa.  Highly recommend it!

Tina S 5 stars Yelp review

Planet Beach in THE best in SLO!!!! I cannot say enough how helpful, professional, and amazing the staff is. As well as the top of the line equipment. Thank you!!!

Elizabeth C 5 stars yelp review

This place is a really nice place to tan. All the employees are really friendly and accommodating, and after about 4 or 5 times you tan , they know you by name and your preference for a bed. The beds are always clean, and there are multiple ones to chose from. I definitely recommend this place!

Nicole M 5 stars yelp review

I love their super friendly customer service. There are a variety of beds to choose from and the staff is always really helpful whenever I have questions. I would highly recommend this salon to any of my family and friends. I also really like that they offer spray tans, which is a great tanning alternative.

Kristen C 5 stars yelp review

I began spray tanning with Cat here last spring. I was really nervous I would become orange or breakout or tan unevenly. Cat answered all my questions and sprayed me perfectly and carefully. I'm so glad I found her through a friend (who also always looked flawless). I look flawless after every spray tan, and everyone thinks it's natural (even my critical mom)! And I have fair freckled skin. With proper care and primer my tans last 7-9 days. I am in the wedding industry, and I recommend all my brides to spray here 3 days before their wedding. They all thank me and also love Cat. Thank you Cat :) you're a gem!

Courtney R 5 stars yelp review

Had a great, pre-wedding airbrush tan from Cat. This girl obviously has a lot of experience doing airbrush tan. She is very efficient and easy to work with. The tan came out even and the color looked natural. I asked for a lighter version of "just returned from Hawaii brown" and she totally got it. The price is very reasonable for the service. I also used the primer and I think that helped with the even coverage and staying power.

Anne B 4 stars yelp review

I have been going to Planet Beach for over 2 years and am never disappointed. It is always clean and the beds are kept up to date. They also have a wide variety of lotions and frequently have good deals on them

I've been to many tanning salons in the past and this is hands down the best! Sallie and all the girls always greet me with a smile and make me feel welcome.

I've never had a problem with a payment, in fact I have switched bank accounts and have my cards stolen multiple times over the years and Sallie is always very helpful in making the necessary changes!

All around I LOVE Planet Beach SLO and will be a faithful member for many years to come!

Chelsea C 5 stars yelp review

It was Mardi Gras time, and my crew had decided to Carmen Mirandize itself, complete with midriff baring tops!  In a panic, I regarded my fish white belly and knew that there had to be a way to make it look better.

Cursory research brought me to Planet Beach, and life has been a beach ever since!! And I have sported a faux glow on the darkest of days thanks to their services. I did my reading, and learned about Mystic tan, which is a spray made of organic and inert ingredients, and bestows a beautiful rich light mahogany glow.  I had previously been able to achieve a believable effect by mixing self-tanners over a period of weeks, but Mystic takes away the guess work.  In five minutes, using the bronzer, I can look like I was in Tahiti for a week.

Planet Beach has great service, and the owner Sally, is very knowledgeable about the products. I am older than their average customer, but everyone working there has been very professional and helpful.  The salon is also very clean and cutely decorated.

They usually have a package discount for pricing, and compared to suburban locations, their prices are very reasonable.  Go in during their customer appreciation days for specials and treats.

SaraLee S 5 stars yelp review

Planet Beach is great! I have been to many tanning salons but this place is the winner. The manager, Sallie, and all of the employees are so sweet and accommodating. Very clean salon and they offer great tanning and/or spa packages and products for very decent prices. I am always a very pleased and satisfied costumer when I leave the salon. I would recommend Planet Beach to everybody!

Sarah W 5 stars yelp review

I've never been to a tanning salon before and was trying to get a good color before my trip to Hawaii. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and was shown around the salon to all of the different levels of beds and what they did. She asked me questions and when we were done with the tour explained the package that was good for me and helped me with lotion and goggles. She showed me how to use the bed and told me what to do for the next time! The salon was super clean and the wait was never over 7 minutes for the bed.

Violet L 5 stars yelp review

Great ladies who are really friendly and knowledgeable I've been going here for 2 years and I've never had a better tan ;)  price is awesome too

Heather M 5 stars yelp review

Best tanning salon in slo. Really pretty decor, clean facilities, and the staff is very knowledgable. Plus they keep it nice and crisp in there so I never get to stuffy or overheat while tanning.  I look forward to visiting more.

Shannon L 5 stars yelp review

I was never a fan of tanning and had gone on free passes back home, but it wasn't until I came to Planet Beach that I had a truly awesome experience! Reasonable, college-friendly, super considerate and thoughtful workers and owner, Sallie, and deals going all the time. You truly get the most for your money here I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Mackenzie C 5 stars yelp review

This is the best place to tan! Best customer service and I love their tanning beds. There are so many options to chose from and every bed will get you that perfect tan you're looking for. After a few visits the staff  will know your name and which bed you prefer. Highly recommend Planet Beach to anyone.

Ryan S 5 stars yelp review

I got a membership at PB almost 4 years ago and I have been satisfied with my decision ever since! Sally and all the girls that work there are extremely friendly and knowledgeable of everything the store has to offer. They make the effort to learn your name right away and always make you feel welcomed. Kelly and Cat do an amazing job on their airbrushes. I've personally seen multiple people looking flawlessly bronzed! The beds are great and easy to move around to make sure you get an all over tan. The membership in itself is reasonably priced, and there is always some kind of deal for upgrades among other things. They occasionally do fun things like drawings to get a free one time upgrade/discount on lotions/facial, etc. I've won a session in the hydration bed before, which was AMAZING! It's an overall great place!

Megan U 5 stars yelp review

I started tanning here during Winter and love it! I get lots of complements on my tan, and I've never burned in one of their beds. They always spend plenty of time recommending different products when I ask, and I feel like they are always pretty honest, not just trying to sell the most expensive products. They are also always willing to show me how anything works if I try a different bed or something and answer any questions I have. The rooms are always clean, and the little bit of time I spend in the bed is so relaxing! It kinda feels like I'm on some sort of tropical vacation :) 

My roommate also got a spray tan the other day that looked amazing!! I've never wanted to try it, always pictured ending up looking orange or splotchy, but my roommate's turned out sooo great! I can't wait to try it!

Rebecca H 5 stars yelp review

I started tanning at Planet Beach a few months ago and I love it! The girls are very friendly and helpful. The beds are comfortable and have room to turn in. This may be the cleanest tanning facility I've ever been in! The girls helped me with which bed would be best for me and how I would get the best bang for my buck. They have great deals all the time and the beds I go in are so worth every minute and every dollar. The rooms are clean, they gave you towels, robes (if needed for spa treatments) and provided you with glasses. You have the option to safely leave your items there or take them with you. I never feel like they are trying to give me a sales pitch or swindle me out of my money. I also love that the waiting area is comfortable and easy to hang out while waiting for a bed. Thank you everyone at Planet Beach I LOVE my tan!!!

Brooke P 5 stars yelp review

I started going to Planet Beach a couple of months ago and I am so pleased! I never have to wait too long for a bed and the employees are always very nice and accommodating, equipped with anything you need but may have forgotten (lotions, hair ties, towels, eyewear etc).   Also, they have a wide selection of beds to use and they are always very clean. Its always a relaxing experience.  I get compliments daily on my tan and I look forward to my next visit! Plant Beach is the way to go if you are looking for a great salon!

Bryce D 5 stars yelp review

I have been tanning for years, and am very particular about the beds I use. Planet beach always has friendly customer service, great beds, and always have deals going for their customers. I have the all inclusive package and couldn't be happier. Most places charge what I pay for the best bed, just for their cheap beds. Good prices, good service, I definitely recommend this place and am highly satisfied!

Ashley J 5 stars yelp review

I have been to many tanning salons in my life. Planet Beach is by far the best that I have encountered. I live in Los Osos so for me I have to venture out. I've been to Morro Bay and was really unhappy with service and my tanning options. Then about two years ago I discovered Planet Beach, for me its worth the drive into San Luis Obispo. I am given excellent customer service and whenever I want to make a purchase I am given enough options that makes it affordable for me. I would highly recommend this Salon to whoever wants to get a great tan and or spa treatments !

Diana Z 5 stars yelp review

I have been to several tanning salons over the years and I finally found one that I actually like. The employees are extremely helpful and attentive, especially the owner, she is the sweetest. The pricing for memberships are hard to beat and the beds are always up to date. I rarely ever have to wait for a bed because there is a wide variety of beds to choose from. Also, Planet beach often has some great deals on lotions and spray tans too! It's located in a convenient little shopping center so you can get a tan in during errands. Highly recommended!

Shaina W 5 stars yelp review

Planet Beach is THE place to go if you are looking for a natural, glowing bronzy tan! Before any special event I always make an airbrush-spray tan appointment with Kat. She is so knowledgable, so professional, and so talented. She makes you forget you're standing in a tent naked being spray tanned! I've never had a bad experience here over the year I've been coming, and all of the staff is friendly and helpful. Every time I've ever messed up an airbrush tan (MY fault, on MY part) they allow me to come back and get it fixed, free of charge! Such great customer service :) wouldn't have any other place tan me!

Summer S 5 stars yelp review

I just moved to San Luis Obispo with my husband and I was looking for a new CLEAN place to tan, I was pretty disappointed with the other places I'd seen so far downtown, they just seemed old and frankly, sort of dirty... Anyways, I wanted a more spa like feel and I definitely got that at Planet Beach. I used the high pressure which was a amazing but I can not stress how great their airbrushing is!! Ask for Kelly she's the best!

Ashley R 5 stars yelp review

I love Planet Beach! This is the first tanning salon I have ever been to. The customer service is great and the beds are very clean! A+

Sabrina S 5 stars yelp review

Love this place it's the bomb! Everyone totally rocks and treats us like family. Check it out for sure, the beds are amazing! Sally and the girls are always so friendly and helpful. They have quite a variety of packages as well as fully enclosed stand up beds. The beds range anywhere from basic to platinum to high pressure. Many other wonderful spa treatments are available. My husband and I have been coming here for years and are completely stoked!!!

Patty O 5 stars yelp review

I have been to many tanning salons in my hometown, and i just moved to Slo, wanting a tanning membership. I realized that Planet Beach was very reasonably priced so I thought I would give it a chance! I couldn't be any happier with my decision. They not only have multiple varieties of tanning beds, but they also have a hydration bed, teeth whitening, and spray tans! Their customer service is also very good, every time I walk in they are always very friendly, they also greet me by name. They sell the best tanning lotions, and they always have new specials going on. I would definitely recommend this tanning salon for anyone in this area, also students get a discount so that is also pretty cool. 

p.s. my room mate got a spray tan from here, and was very happy with the results!

Page K 5 stars yelp review

I have been a client of Planet Beach for many years. The owner and staff are very thorough in explaining their products and the use of their equipment. They always make sure that your comfortable with your experience, weather you are a long term customer or new at tanning. The spa is always clean and the tanning beds are always well maintained. Personally I would not go to any other tanning spa. I've been to many tanning salons since the 1980's..Planet Beach ...10 + in my book...

Raymond B 5 stars yelp review

I have had a membership at planet beach since I very first moved here in 2009, and have always been very satisfied with the quality of the beds and other services/products offered. I never have to wait, the beds get new bulbs often, prices are cheap, and there is always a huge selction of new lotions! It's also nice to walk into a buisness and be recognized, all the girls know my name. On top of that it is nice to see an owner of a buisness be passionate about their trade, she is there almost everytime I go in, and have enjoyed getting to know her as well : ) I would definitely recommend this spa to anyone!

Natalie E 5 stars yelp review

I've been doing UV bed tanning at Planet Beach for about 4 years and recently I added mystic spray tanning to my weekly routine. I like to keep a year-round glow, but especially in summer. I have a young daughter so the 15 minutes in the VIP tanning bed is my "getaway". I tan in the VIP bed and I always get the VIP treatment from the staff. I love Planet Beach!

Kelly H 5 stars yelp review

Great service! The girls here seem like they are well informed with all the different options and services the salon has to offer. I have done the airbrush a few times and both Becky and Gwen do an amazing job. I use the tanning beds to get a base at the beginning of summer to prevent me from burning cause I'm outside in the sun a lot and have somewhat fair skin.  I personally have had nothing but good experiences here and I highly recommend this salon.

Vanessa H 5 stars yelp review

At Planet Beach I can relax and I’m in good hands, as the staff is well trained and knowledgeable on the most cutting edge lotion and equipment. They provide an array of spa services as well as tanning packages. With the latest in UV technology, my time has been well spent, and I have acquired a better than ever tan without burning.

Chase in salon review

My psoriasis came out nowhere about a year and a half ago. I went to several doctors before getting the diagnosis. Initially the doctors gave me steroid creams that were sticky and took hours to put on every day. Then the doctors introduced light therapy, but only 3 minutes in the light box left me red and burnt (not counting that it was $50 per session). I finally tried tanning at Planet Beach in a low pressure bed. My psoriasis has disappeared with only 1 to 2 sessions a week in the tanning bed. Planet Beach is not only more convenient (hours are much more convenient than a doctor’s office) but much less expensive than the doctors. Plus I don’t burn!  I am so happy I found this solution for my psoriasis. Thanks Planet Beach.

Nicole in salon review

I started using Planet Beach’s infrared sauna a few months ago several times a week for detoxification purposes and had unexpected results! I am a lifelong asthmatic and I am now able to go without my inhaler since using the sauna. I have no doubt there is a direct correlation. When I get busy and can’t get in to use the sauna regularly I have to resume using my inhaler. I now have a real incentive for making a trip to Planet Beach!

Sandra M in store review


Mystic HD Spray Booth (UV-Free)

Mystic is an alternative for clients who want that bronze glow but chose not to use standard UV tanning beds. You can be in and out of the salon in 10 minutes! Our recent addition is an HD unit, which features voice commands and a warm dry cycle to alleviate towel drying as well as make the experience more comfortable. Most importantly, each tan is completely customizable with a choice of 3 shades and optional add-ins of single or triple bronzer, tan accelerator and scent.