Leg Tanner in San Luis Obispo, CA

The Leg Tanner was created to solve an age old problem for tanning clients. Why can't tanning clients get a good tan on their legs? 

3 reasons: 
1. The diagram below illustrates how tanning beds concentrate approximately 25-30% more energy in the center of the bed causing the stomach to be the darkest part of the body. 

Leg Tanner Tanning Bed Graphic

2. Skin on the legs is much tougher and therefore more difficult to tan, even if the power levels were even. 
3. Shaving legs causes increased exfoliation of the skin losing what little tan that was achieved. 

The Leg Tanner is the solution to this pesky problem!


Mystic HD Spray Booth (UV-Free)

Mystic is an alternative for clients who want that bronze glow but chose not to use standard UV tanning beds. You can be in and out of the salon in 10 minutes! Our recent addition is an HD unit, which features voice commands and a warm dry cycle to alleviate towel drying as well as make the experience more comfortable. Most importantly, each tan is completely customizable with a choice of 3 shades and optional add-ins of single or triple bronzer, tan accelerator and scent.