Ionic Foot Detox San Luis Obispo, CA

Our ionic foot detoxification is an amazing 30 minute process for cleansing your entire body of harmful toxins. The foot spa device ionizes the water (splits the molecules) and creates a low current through the body. Your feet are placed In the ironically-charged water so the negative ions entering the thousands of pores in your feet bind with and neutralize positively charged heavy metals and toxins within the body. Once the toxins are neutralized they are emitted through the feet or pushed through the lymphatic system. The water will turn various shades of color depending on the toxins being released.

Ionic Foot Detox has been known to:

- improve sleep

- increase oxygen in the body

- rejuvenate and energize your entire body

- reduce inflammation and fluid retention

- inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus

- relieve pain and tension headaches

- purify the blood and lymph

- stimulate and balance the immune system

- clear skin

- assist in weight loss

- slow down aging

- improve hormone balance

- quicken recovery time from disease or injury

- enhance nutrient absorption


Mystic HD Spray Booth (UV-Free)

Mystic is an alternative for clients who want that bronze glow but chose not to use standard UV tanning beds. You can be in and out of the salon in 10 minutes! Our recent addition is an HD unit, which features voice commands and a warm dry cycle to alleviate towel drying as well as make the experience more comfortable. Most importantly, each tan is completely customizable with a choice of 3 shades and optional add-ins of single or triple bronzer, tan accelerator and scent.